Native ZFS for Linux: development continues at LLNL

In my past article “Tutorial: native ZFS on Ubuntu and Fedora Linux” I have given a tutorial how to install ZFS on Linux from the KQ Infotech github repository. This tutorial can be considered obsolete as the company KQ Infotech has been acquired by STEC, Inc (company with focus on SSD). Their ZFS on Linux project was assumably closed, as there is no more serious activity at their github repository.
As stated in my past articles, their development was a fork of the Native ZFS for Linux development at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) with Brian Behlendorf as head developer. The features of KQ Infotech’s POSIX layer support will be included in the 0.60 release of Behlendorf’s zfs and spl packages.

Release candidates including this layer are available at the Native ZFS for Linux homepage as DEB and RPM downloads. A ppa repository easy install on the Ubuntu linux distribution was added, too.

Native ZFS for Linux homepage (LLNL)
Native ZFS for Linux github repository (LLNL)
Homepage of KQ Infotech
zfs-linux github repository (KQ Infotech)

(obsolete) Tutorial: native ZFS on Ubuntu and Fedora Linux

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