SPF patch for Postfix

SPF (sender policy framework) is a working but disputable method of SPAM protection.
It prevents fake sender addresses.

I have updated the SPF patch from Nigel Kukard for Postfix 2.7.1, fixed IPv6 support and added the permissive option “permit_spf_valid_sender”. With this patch the libspf2 library is called directly from Postfix. This patch is already available in the FreeBSD mail/postfix port as a selectable option.

Update 2011-02-07: I have updated the patch for 2.8.0


Patch download:

Permissive postfix option: permit_spf_valid_sender
Restrictive postfix option: reject_spf_invalid_sender

License: Secure Mailer License (Postfix License)

I personally use this patch for greylisting positives (= not greylisting mail from valid SPF senders).

Original patch homepage

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