The End of OpenSolaris

An internal memo from Oracle leaked to the internet containing strategical information about the future of the Solaris and OpenSolaris operating systems

There are many opinions on this message, many of them are quite emotional. Many readers react on the interpretations of this message, so if someone is really concerned about this matter I suggest reading the memo (link in the full entry).

Anyway, I would like to provide a brief summary of my interpretation:

1. Oracle is leaving OpenSolaris and there will be no more releases
2. The CDDL-licensed open-source code will keep its license
3. Source code will be published, but only some time after full releases
4. Main focus is on Solaris 11 which is going to be released next year
5. By the end of the year, strong>Solaris 11 Express will be released under a “free developer RTU” license

Link to the Solaris memo

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