Smbldap-tools back on track with new version 0.9.6

The smbldap-tools project (founded by Jérôme Tournier) maintains a set of perl scripts to manage users and groups stored in a LDAP directory.
It focuses on samba installations and supports LDAP mail routing schema, too.

The project has been inactive since April 2008, leaving a bunch of open bugs. I have been maintaining the smbldap-tools FreeBSD port since 2007 and wrote several patches and bugfixes. Last month I contacted Jérôme if I might join the development team because my set of patches started to grow. Jérôme accepted me and I pushed all my changes into SVN at
So now as a smbldap-tools developer I am happy to announce a new version 0.9.6 with the following major changes:

  • new smbldap-grouplist tool (list LDAP groups)
  • better support for UTF-8 and converting from/to other encodings
  • improved e-mail support (separated attributes mail and localMailAddress)
  • smbldap-passwd password settable via STDIN (superuser only)
  • many other important bugfixes

smbldap-tools project homepage
smbldap-tools 0.9.6 source code

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