mfsBSD talk at the meetBSD 2010 conference

mfsBSD - meetBSD 2010 Kraków
mfsBSD talk at the meetBSD 2010 conference in Kraków

Following the success of the last year’s talk at the EuroBSDCon 2009 conference in Cambridge, UK I have presented my mfsBSD project at the meetBSD 2010 conference in Kraków, Poland on July, 3rd.

The conference was very successful and once again, I have met many known people from the FreeBSD project including Paweł Jakub Dawidek who I work with on importing new ZFS versions to FreeBSD, Warner Losh, FreeBSD Security Officer and FreeBSD Core Team member or Dru Lavigne, chair of the BSD Certification Group. The talks were mainly about different parts of the FreeBSD operating system, its deployment by large scale companies and some new innovative approaches were presented, too.

The presentation is available on
This is a toolset to create small FreeBSD distributions that are completely loaded into RAM memory. Thanks to the wide range of uses they may significantly ease the work system administrators. For normal FreeBSD users there are ISO files available that can be used to install the whole distribution using the ZFS filesystem. One of the larger companies that deployed mfsBSD in their services is Hetzner Online AG which is with help of mfsBSD offering the option to install FreeBSD on their dedicated servers.

mfsBSD webpage
Speakers at the EuroBSDCon 2009 conference
Speakers at the meetBSD 2010 conference
Herzner Online AG – FreeBSD Rescue System

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