mfslinux – minimalist in-memory Linux distribution

After many successful years developing mfsBSD for FreeBSD systems I started to work on a small memory-only diskless distribution for Linux. It comes in handy if you want to run a diskless system, have a recovery partition with a rescue system or simply want to modify your primary hard drive layout.

mfslinux is a set of scripts that puts together a initramfs-only distribution fully based on OpenWrt (x86_64 target). It consists of a kernel and a initramfs file and can be loaded by any means Linux systems are loaded. mfslinux is diskless – a storage device is not required for operation. We use isolinux to produce a bootable ISO file but syslinux can be used for local or network boot (PXE). Everything gets loaded into memory. If you miss any tools, you can install additional packages on a running system from OpenWrt sources. As this is a memory-only distribution, you lose any changes on reboot.

You can easily create your own version of mfslinux with a different set of OpenWrt packages.

mfslinux links:
mfslinux homepage with ISO file download
mfslinux on GitHub

External links:
OpenWrt homepage

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