EuroBSDcon 2012 - Tuning ZFS on FreeBSD

This year's EuroBSDcon took place at the Warsaw University of Technology on October 20-21. The conference was well organized with great keynote talks by Eric Allman and Kirk McKusick. My talk was titled "Tuning ZFS on FreeBSD" and based on my identically named article in the August issue of the BSD Magazine. I presented several do's and don'ts and other findings and recommendations from my experience with the ZFS file system.
PDF with presentation slides

Several conference talks were devoted to embedded solutions. I was particularly interested in the zrouter project developed by Aleksandr Rybalko which could be a future alternative to OpenWRT for home networking wireless routers. The talks "FreeNAS system architecture" by John Hixson and "Challenges in identity management and authentication" by Dag-Erling Smørgrav were very interesting, too. by What I was disappointed about was that guys from the BSD Magazine (with seat in the same city) did not show up at the conference.

EuroBSDcon 2012 Homepage
"Tuning ZFS on FreeBSD" talk slides


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