AsiaBSDcon 2014 - Deploying FreeBSD systems with Foreman and mfsBSD

AsiaBSDcon 2014My first trip to Japan ever was connected with speaking at the AsiaBSDcon conference on March 15-16 at the Tokyo University of Science. I have met many fellow developers, including Matt Ahrens from the Illumos project who was my co-speaker at EuroBSDcon 2013 in Malta last year. This time I had a completely new topic, my talk had the title "Deploying FreeBSD systems with Foreman and mfsBSD". My special thanks go to Hiroki Sato and George Neville-Neil who have organized this successful conference.
PDF with presentation slides, Youtube Video

Foreman is an interesting tool designed to perform configuration and lifecycle management of physical and virtual servers. I have been submitting to the Foreman project for several months now and have met many of the Foreman developers including the founder - Ohad Levy at FOSDEM 2014 in Brussels, Belgium and the following configuration management event in Gent, Belgium this February.

AsiaBSDcon 2014 Homepage
Foreman Project Homepage


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