VX Connectbot passes 10000 user installs

I am nicely surprised that the user number of VX ConnectBot (Android SSH client) users keeps growing steadily. The app has been on Google Play since December, 2011. The total user installs (users that have tried the application) has passed the 10000 mark in June and active user installs (users that have the application installed) are now over 5000.

The calculated uninstall rate is at about 50.5% (49.5% users keep the application installed). As of the OS version statistics, Android 4.0.3+ is now represented with a serious user share of 40.81%. I have upgraded my Xperia Pro to Android 4.0.4, too. This means that any future updates are going in direction Ice Cream Sandwich and newer.

VX ConnectBot Homepage
VX ConnectBot on Google Play


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